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Generating revenue from a website, new or old, requires some work. The first avenue you should pursue is to get your site listed in all the biggest search engines fast. This will get you off the ground with a running start.

Next, simply do a Google Search to find websites or agencies that will sponsor your own venture. This isn't always successful, but it's worth a try. Remember that in order to get sponsored, almost all Sponsors require you to have your own website, with a registered domain name, and properly hosted and published.

Once you do this Google search it's often difficult to separate the real opportunities from the "scammers". This is where you need to do some serious research.

Basically there's 2 ways to earn revenue from your website:

  1. Selling goods or services (or both)
  2. Selling advertising

Selling Goods or Services:

Selling goods or services is pretty straight forward and there's a ton of products out there to try and find your particular "niche" of specialization. Search Google for new products in areas that you're familiar with. For example, if you've been in the automotive-related business for most of your career, search for "automotive niche products to sell". You can also find products on eBay that you can buy in "lots" or "wholesale" to resell either in your own online store or on eBay itself. We've also had success opening our own eBay Store. You can open an eBay Store yourself.

Another method is to "Drop-Ship" merchandise. This means that you advertise and sell the products on your own site (or eBay), collect the money and a 3rd party "Drop Shipper" will package the merchandise and ship it to the buyer. You of course, pay the Drop Shipper. Again, just search Google for drop shippers in your area of interest. We do have a complete eBook of current drop-shippers and wholesalers that is available for only $5! It will be delivered by email within a few minutes after ordering.

Item Name: Drop Shippers and Wholesalers List
Item Number: DSWL-101
Price: $5.00

Good Affiliate Programs:

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