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Promote Your Website - Vol 2

Here are links to different search engines you can submit your site to:

  • Yahoo - The Yahoo search engine
  • Excite - The Excite search engine
  • Lycos - The Lycos search engine

Submission Services:

For tips and help on how to submit your site:

Publicize Yourself in Directories

Publicize your Web-page (your http://wwp.) with the many Directories of Homepages and Personal Pages throughout the Internet. Here are some recommended directories:

Recommended sites where you can submit your E-mail address:

Graphics and Scanning

Alchemy Mindworks Inc. - Home of GIF Animator etc.
Alchemy Mindworks - Hot Links List
Scanning Tips - Graphics Software Net Links
Java Script Tip of the WeekJava tips, source code and other Java Links.

Web Design Reference Sites

The Usable Web - (design)
HTML Standards - (and Cross References)
HTML Tutorials in Web Page Design - by John C. Gilson
Killer Web Sites - by the authors of "Creating Killer Web Sites"
d e v h e a d - ASCII Character Chart
Welcome to RealMedia ! - Get RealPlayer here. FREE!
Sell it on the Web - Advice how to set up your own web store.


ZDNet Software Library - Java Applets etc.
Java Goodies - Free Java
d e v h e a d - JavaScript

Custom Search

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