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pcMedix Terminator
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Sorry - this system is out of production - call us for other systems

PS: we do have 2 slightly used units available!!

pcMedix Will Build YOUR Custom XPC Small Form Factor Computer System

Call 604-791-9728 for a quote

The Future Is Finally Here !!

Internet Ready - Complete Custom-Built SFF* System
"pcMedix XPC Terminator"

Only $1299.00 till September 30, 2012 We have two (2) i n stock right nw!
(including 17" LCD Flatscreen Monitor & Wireless Keyboard/Mouse)

The Revolution of the Small Form Factor Computer is finally here. 
All the power of a full-size tower at less than half the size!  Diminutive footprint too!!
I will custom-build your dream small form factor computer system for lots less.
I'll also come out & set it up for you and move your data from your old computer.
I really love these "tiny powerhouses".  I love to build them and they're an absolute dream to operate.
Quiet as your mouse too!  Smaller IS better here.
Call Gord at 604-791-9728 now for a live demonstration & a firm quote on a custom-built unit - get it your way!

Stylish XPC Console - handy access to all the essentials

Small Footprint

What's All Included:

All New Asus Terminator A7VT "XPC" Small Form Factor System.

For the user who wants to combine tasteful, contemporary product architecture with a blazing fast, high-performance system!

Asus Terminator A7VT!
This exquisitely designed, conveniently compact system includes Asus' most alluring mini-tower casing, the full-featured A7VT motherboard with an AMD Sempron processors, a top-quality QuieTrack 52x optical drive and a 1.44MB, 3.5-inch floppy disk. The brilliant, contemporary chassis fits snugly atop or beneath your desk...anywhere you need it to be...for the ultimate combination of space economy and full-scale productivity. And it boasts a front panel I/O door that responds to a simple flip to show the front panel input/output ports, plus USB 2.0 ports for fast peripheral connections. For the professional who wants to combine tasteful, contemporary product architecture with a blazing fast, high-performance system, the Asus Terminator A7VT is the perfect solution. Incomparable quality at an unbelievably low price!
Asus Terminator A7VT Motherboard
One of Asus' most efficient, high-performance microATX motherboards, the A7VT inspires breakthrough achievements for AMD processors. This superb mainboard supports AFP 4X graphics, 6-channel audio, 333MX FSB, 10/100Mbps LAN, and comes pre-installed. The A7VT offers productivity, reliability and stability for all-around professional or home systems.

Asus Terminator Mini-Tower Case
One of the sharpest looking cases we've ever seen! This compact configuration offers space-saving convenience, lovely contemporary design and lots of features that make your computing experience enjoyable and productive. And it boasts a front panel I/O door that responds to a simple flip to show the front panel input/output ports, plus USB 2.0 ports for fast peripheral connections.

Asus QuieTrack 52xmax Optical Drive
Quiet, smooth operation and state-of-the-art engineering make the Asus QuietTrack 52Xmax optical drive an exceptional complement to this system. Play your favorite music, or store vast amounts of digital data. All at your beck and call!

52x42x52x CD-RW / Internal CD/RW Burner with Nero Software.

3.5-inch 1.44 MB Floppy Drive
An excellent accompaniment to the Asus system. This 3.5-inch drive features smooth operation, convenient location on the front panel and quality engineering.
AMD Sempron 2300+

4X AGP Video
10/100 Mbps Ethernet NIC
Windows XP Home w/Service Pack 2 (OEM)
Monitor is extra
Upgrades & Add-Ons Listed Below


Handy front USB ports & sound jacks

Side view (open)

Solid and reliable.  Very compact too.

All internal components are clearly marked & accessible

Super multi-media keyboard, mouse & speakers

Highest-Quality ASUS "A7VT" Premium Motherboard - VIA chipset

80 GB Hard-Drive

TWO Optical Drives!

 Asus QuietTrack 52X CD-ROM and Internal CD/RW Burner with Nero Software (or equivalent)

Windows XP Home w/SP2 (OEM)
(all updates done prior to delivery)

1.44mb floppy drive - White

AMD Sempron 2300+ / 256K Cache
333MHz FSB / Socket A CPU

ULTRA 256mb pc2700 DDR memory
(or equivalent)

Contact Gord now for a firm quote on the custom system you want!

Add-ons & upgrades ...

CD & DVD Burner/Player - several available - CALL!
Add more RAM - another 256MB, 512MB or even a Gigabyte of memory!!
120GB., 160GB. or even bigger hard drive upgrade
15", 17" or 19" Flat-screen LCD's
17" or 19" Flat-screen CRT's
3, 5 or 7 multimedia speaker sets
56 kb. modem
Printers, scanners, software - CALL!

Many options are available for your new system ..
just tell Gord what you want & we'll install it !

Call us TODAY for a quote on your Custom-Built System

DoC can build your "Dream Machine" !  Just give us a call or email and discuss your needs with us.  We'll happily prepare you a quote within 12 hours.  We want you to LOVE your new computer. I'll even come out, set it up for you for an extra $40 !


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