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CRS Scam
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I believe this "Registration" Company is a Scammer ...

I received an "Invoice" yesterday from the "Central Registration Service" that was obvious to me a scam. The amount was for $966.00 for "Standard Registration via Hosting Service" whatever the heck that is. I have the original "Invoice" and envelope in my possession. The red flags went up immediately. First of all the envelope was from the Czech Republic. Secondly I've never heard of this firm, nor have I done any business with them.  I've been using the same Registrar for several years.

Also, the sum in question was ridiculous. I've received fake solicitations before from the "Domain Registry of Canada" and have simply discarded them. This however, didn't have the fine-print disclaimer that "this is not an invoice" that the Domain Registry of Canada has been forced to put on their so-called "Invoices".

They requested that the funds to be sent to a US address, or by SWIFT transfer to the "Loyal" Bank. Those were the other red flags that tipped me off. What these scammers obviously do not know is that I own 4 of my own hosting companies , and have over 100 Domains. I also know a scam when I see it. As mentioned above, I still receive many deceitful "Invoices" from the "Domain Registry of Canada" which I simply shred. This invoice from the "Central Registration Service" however, does not have the fine print stating that it isn't an Invoice but a solicitation. As such I believe it is fraudulent.

I've reported this "scam" to the authorities and will keep my readers posted on it's process.

Here's the documents I received ...

  1. .PDF of the so-called "Invoice"
  2. .PDF of back of "Invoice"
  3. .PDF of the "Invoice" envelope

(to save the above files to your computer - right-click each one and choose "save as".

>>> Free Adobe PDF Reader required to view there files <<<

Updated: January 01, 2015

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