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Search Engine Review
 Topics -Search Engine Review

     Welcome to the search engine review at Canadian Content. This area will show you interesting and important details about other search engines and directories. Including information about how to get your site(s) listed and where to submit them to. We will also give you a rating and description. (In alphabetical order).

     Our ratings include: Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, Canada.com, DMOZ, Excite, Fast, Google, Hotbot, Inktomi, LookSmart, Lycos and Yahoo!

Alta Vista

Description: Alta Vista is one of the oldest and best search engines online today. Among the rest, it has lasted the longest and has one of the biggest indexes. Alta Vista used to power the Yahoo! search results until it was replaced by Inktomi. Alta Vista has been changing their site design and format quite a lot recently and has been through financial troubles presently. Formerly operated by digital, now owned and operated by CMGI.

Type: Search Index and directory (powered by LookSmart)
Submit to: Alta Vista submit a site
Cost to submit: Free*

Index size: 550 Million
Extra notes: *It costs $199 to submit to directory

Ask Jeeves

Description: Ask Jeeves is a very interesting and comprehensive index with the idea of asking questions instead of a normal search query. Ask Jeeves is a newer search engine but still, very comprehensive and useful, unlike the others.

Type: Search Index
Submit to: E-mail an editor
Cost to submit: Free

Index size: Unknown


Description: Canada.com claims to be "Canada's search engine". We beg to differ. Canada.com used to have a great index (although it was obtained directly from Inktomi), within the recent months, they have converted to direct hit, and others, which doesn't show their results, but like Metacrawler, from other search engines. They also use the LookSmart Canada directory. Hosted on LookSmart's servers.

Type: Meta Engine and Directory (powered by LookSmart)
Submit to: N/A
Cost to submit: N/A

Index size: N/A


Description: DMOZ is one of the better directories out there. They have more sites listed in their directory than Yahoo! Owned and operated by Netscape (Now AOL). Canadian Content uses data provided by DMOZ (also known as Open Directory Project).

Type: Directory
Submit to: Suggest A Site*
Cost to submit: Free

Index size: 2.6 Million
Extra notes: *You must select the category in which you wish to list your site


Description: Excite is also an older engine which has been around for a very long time. Excite has a great index of useful sites. They also have a hold on the cable modem user market because they provide personal start pages for people using the @Home Internet service in Canada and the United States.

Type: Search Index and Directory (powered by LookSmart)
Submit to: Express* Normal
Cost to submit: Free**

Index size: 2.6 Million
Extra notes: *$199 to have your site reviewed in 2 business days
** Upto 8 weeks to have your site added


Description: The Fast search index is one of the fastest growing search engines/indexes started in 1999. It has grown to be one of the 'big guys', Alltheweb is one of the best search indexes including a large index. They have also recently started an MP3 search (like Alta Vista) and more.

Also See:
All The Web »

Type: Search Index
Submit to: Suggest a site
Cost to submit: Free

Index size: 575 Million
Extra notes: Web search | Mobile search


Description: Google has quickly become the LARGEST search index on the market. Now the preferred search results provider for Yahoo!, Google has become a commercial engine with the biggest user base on the web thanks to Yahoo! Their web site is fairly and surprisingly simple and easy to use with a non-graphical interface. Google is now the best, especially how they rank their pages on link popularity.

Type: Search index and Directory (powered by Dmoz)
Submit to: Add URL DMOZ
Cost to submit: Free

Index size: 1.37 Billion


Description: Hotbot was one of the most popular search engines a few years ago, it has, however lost most of it's user base after it was purchased by Lycos. Hotbot usually takes a long time to add sites to their index. Submitting to this index is becoming less and less important. Nonetheless, a good idea to be listed in.

Type: Search Index
Submit to: Add URL
Cost to submit: Free

Index size: Unknown
Extra notes: Hotbot is slowly being eaten up by Lycos.


Description: Inktomi used to be the search provider for the most popular directory, Yahoo!, since then, Inktomi has gone a bit downhill on searches per day, but not on quality. Many popular search engines incorporate results from Inktomi such as AOL, MSN, iWon and more.

Also See:
Answerz »

Type: Search Index
Submit to: Anzwers add URL
Cost to submit: Free

Index size: 500 Million
Extra notes: Inktomi is a stand alone index that provides results for search engines.


Description: LookSmart is the second largest directory. Providing results for many search engines including Alta Vista, LookSmart is probably and unfortunately the next directory to get eaten up. They have struggled for a while and have responded to this by partnering up with other popular Internet portals such as Canada.com and Alta Vista. They now only allow paid submissions.

Type: Directory
Submit to: Worldwide PAID
Cost to submit: $199

Index size: 2 Million
Extra notes: To get into the Canadian Directory used to be free, but they just started charging for it.


Description: As Lycos has bought out a lot of it's competitor, it has grown from a smaller engine to one of the larger ones. They are big on their worldwide sites and recently teamed up with Sympatico to form a Sympatico-Lycos portal site, ofcourse, utilizing their own search results. Lycos is seen to be one to pull through with the "Search engine wars".

Type: Search Index
Submit to: Add a site
Cost to submit: Free

Index size: Unknown


Description: Yahoo! is the most used search engine and directory with one of the biggest directories out there. Although the other search engines have tried for years to make it upto Yahoo!, they have not succeeded. Will Yahoo! ever die?

Type: Directory and Search Index (powered by Google)
Submit to: How-to suggest a site
Cost to submit: Free*

Index size: 2 million
Extra notes: *Cost varies for business sites
Yahoo's directory is the hardest to get into. Their search results are powered by Google.

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