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On July 24, 2014 this website celebrated it's 14th. birthday!
We registered www.pcmedixwebs.com on July 24, 2000 and it's been online continuously since then. We get an average of 1170 hits per hour, 28099 hits per day and 474 unique visitors every day!! We were originally hosted on dowco.com, and they stopped hosting, so we started our own hosting sites, first at www.1securehosting.com and more recently at www.canuckhost.ca specializing in the Canadian market. We're monetized mostly with Google AdSense and Amazon.com as well as a few other advertisers we've had for years. We introduced MailWasher to the world over 11 years ago and it's still growing strong. We're currently re-designing this site, which is long past due. You can take a sneak preview of our "new look" right here. We're hoping to have it completed by next spring but it's a HUGE JOB. Be sure and check back again, and thanks for stopping by.

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What We Do:

Quality Designed Budget Websites - Free Hosting
Search Engine Optimization - Website Submissions - Web Design
Quickly Solve Your Website Dilemmas for much less ...

Make Us YOUR Web Gurus!

Economical Website Design - Website Promotion & SEO - Computer Repairs & Tune-ups
Cheap Unix Hosting - from $5.99/mo. - Web Submissions - System Upgrades
- Computer Tutoring - E-Photo Editing
Custom-Built Computer Systems
- Data Recovery
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Web Design:

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Computer Support, Training, Consulting & Freebies
  • pcMedix Offers complete E-Services as well as Web Design.
    We've also packed this website full of useful tools, freeware downloads & Windows tips/tricks.

  • pcMedix E-Services - Computer Repair, Custom Built Systems & Computer Support pcMedix Computer Support Service Rates - better rates, better service!

  • Browse our FREEWARE Downloads (all free of Spyware) pcMedix Web Designs - Techie Portal - a "Home Page" for Geeks!

  • Window's FAQ's, Answers & Resources Keyboard Shortcuts for MS Applications & Tips.


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Website Aftercare Specialists:

We specialize in a full range of website aftercare services including regular website updates, submitting your website to all the major search engines, Business Directories, FFA's and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with our Maintenance Plans.

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Download pages has a truck full of FREEWARE, Cool Utilities and neat stuff ready for easy download & certified VIRUS FREE!! Visit our Lottery Picker Page to generate your personal Lottery Numbers, plus Links to Lottery Results Pages.

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This site is being re-designed. We hope to have it finished by Summer 2015 but it's a huge job.
Take a preview peek at our "new look" HERE!

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